Ultimate Survival Alaska – Season 2 – BACKUP DO NOT DELETE

Just when you thought the journey was over, National Geographic is back with Season 2 of Ultimate Survival Alaska.

This season, 12 explorers from around the country, each with their own unique skillset, match up in the expedition of a lifetime. The show follows four teams of outdoor survival experts: the Mountaineers, the Military, the Endurance Athletes and the Woodsmen. Returning competitors from USA Season 1 are intent on maintaining their reputation, while the fresh blood are out to prove their worth.

The competition consists of 11 grueling legs, spanning some of the harshest terrain on the planet. The teams climb daunting peaks, scale massive glaciers and overcome countless other heart-stopping challenges.

Although we live in an era of GPS and cell phones, these rustic adventurers leave modern conveniences behind. Instead, they’re provided with only the most basic tools and supplies to help them survive.

Their strength is tested. Their bodies are pushed beyond limits. Only their courage and determination can propel them to the end as they compete in the merciless test of human endurance that is…Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Ultimate Survival Alaska, Season 2 premieres Sunday, December 15 at 9PM ET. Check out the trailer below.

Ultimate Survival Alaska, Season 2 Premieres Sunday December 15 @ 9PM ET