Ultimate Survival Alaska – Season 1 – BACKUP DO NOT DELETE

An epic journey is underway.  Eight of Alaska’s toughest explorers are embarking on a 3,000-mile expedition across the state’s most dangerous and rugged terrain. Their only goal: make it out alive. The adventure begins far north of the Arctic Circle in the jagged peaks of the Arrigetch Mountains.  From there, the explorers head south, traversing the state’s thickest forests, tallest mountain ranges and fastest rivers, until they reach the frigid icefields of Southeast Alaska. Going head-to-head in a battle of perseverance, they will have just 72 hours to complete each leg of the journey. Should any man miss the extraction LZ, he will be left behind to fend for himself in the untamed wild.
Like the original National Geographic explorers, they will live off the land. Hunting and fishing will be key to their survival. The explorers can use only what they can carry on their backs – but without modern conveniences. No tents, no GPS, no phones…no complaining. Danger lies beyond every peak: hungry grizzly bears, fierce snowstorms, unrelenting rain and penetrating hunger. Will these explorers conquer Alaska?  Or will they die trying? Their strength will be tested.  Their bodies will be pushed beyond limits. In the end, only the strongest will prevail over the merciless test of human endurance that is Ultimate Survival Alaska.

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