Hand fishing is man versus nature at its elemental best. Dive down into the murky, water, jam your arm into a dark hole…and wait for a monster to bite. No rod, no reel – just your two bare hands and a whole lot of guts. This season on Mudcats, five of Oklahoma’s toughest grabbling teams are back on the hunt for colossal flathead catfish…and there’s more on the line than ever before. Each week, the duo that brings in the heaviest fish wins $2000—and when all is said and done, the team that nabs the biggest fish of the entire season will earn a grand prize of $10,000. All of the top competitors are back to chase down the money and the crown. Defending Champion Scooter Bivins, his gritty nemesis Marion Kincaid, Young Gun Teddy Good, and trash-talking Don “Katt Daddy” Brewer are determined to take care of unfinished business. But there is one new competitor on the water that could change everything—hand-fishing royalty Lee “The Legend” McFarlin has entered the fray. With cash on the line, and five of the best grabblers out to get it, it’ll all come down to strategy, experience, and sheer guts. Everything will be settled in the murky waters of Oklahoma.

Mudcats – Sizzle Reel